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Best Wedding Venues in Castlemaine, Victoria

Planning a wedding can be challenging, especially if you expect stay-over guests. Having overnight guests for a wedding can make things more complicated. You have to arrange their accommodations and make sure they are comfortable and happy during their stay.

For a wedding ceremony where several guests will stay over for a day or two, you must consider their accommodations firsthand. But lucky for you if you are planning a wedding in Castlemaine, Victoria, as there are several Castlemaine wedding venues and accommodations ideal for all groups of guests.



A unique and luxurious wedding venue in Castlemaine: Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation

Whether planning a private wedding or a larger one with more than 100 attendees, you’ll need a wedding venue to host all the attendees and accommodation for your stay-over guests. The right wedding venue sets the tone for your special event. The venue you pick will decide how your guests feel and if your wedding will be memorable. It can have outdoor gardens and elegant ballrooms.

When choosing a wedding and events venue, you must keep your priorities right. Most Castlemaine wedding venues also offer accommodation services, though they may be limited to fewer guests. That said, you should pay special attention to the following aspects when comparing the many Victoria wedding venues:

  • Aesthetic appeal: the venue should be visually appealing, with a colourful backdrop boasting beautiful architecture and picturesque landscapes.
  • Accessibility: Your wedding venue should offer convenient transportation options. It should also be close to the accommodation your guests will stay.
  • Versatility: The aspect of versatility when choosing a wedding venue is crucial. Ideally, pick a venue adaptable to different wedding themes, styles, and sizes. It should also allow for flexibility in reception setups and flexibility, accommodating both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.
  • Quality of facilities and amenities: An ideal wedding venue should have modern and functional amenities, such as ample parking, dressing rooms, restrooms, and catering facilities. 

At Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation, we offer a great selection of wedding venues and accommodation homes that serve diverse group sizes, accommodating anywhere from 2 people to a group of 50+ guests.

Besides weddings, our exquisite properties cater to several other occasions, including weekends away, corporate workshops, family reunions, and birthday celebrations, to mention a few. All our homes at Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation have luxury amenities and beautiful surroundings, giving you many options to choose from.

A group stays for 50+ guests!

Castlemaine Group Accommodation

Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation invites you and your group to explore and enjoy the unique accommodation and serene living offered by our great homes on Johnstone Street.

If you are planning a dream wedding and are expecting a large gathering, we have the perfect accommodations for you. These stunning homes are situated on a sprawling property, all within walking distance of the town centre. As a bonus, most of these homes feature private swimming pools and gardens, ensuring a truly memorable stay. 

Whether in a group of five, ten, or 50+ guests, you can pick any of these group stay homes for your convenience.  

  • Forest View House: This luxury home provides a tranquil haven amidst nature’s beauty. It accommodates 11 individuals. 
  • Station Master’s House: This home can host up to 10 people and offers a blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury.
  • Magestic Corvah House: This home accommodates 13 people and promises a magical experience.
  • Johnstone Terrace House: This home accommodates six people and is one of the popular retreats offering a fully private and comfortable stay.
  • The Loft: This popular family retreat home offers the perfect hideout for guests who value serenity and privacy. It accommodates up to 3 people.
  • Barker’s Run Terrace House: This home showcases modern elegance and style. It accommodates six people.
  • Wattle Terrace: This luxury home accommodates 6 individuals.

In addition to the seven properties above, Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation also manages two more homes for your convenience. These are:

  • Berkley Street Townhouse: This home is near the town centre, along Berkley Street. It accommodates a maximum of eight people.
  • The Green Gables Dairy House: Located just off Campbell Street, this charming cottage is perfect for a romantic retreat, accommodating a maximum of 2 guests.

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Book our wonderful Castlemaine wedding venues for your dream day

At Castlemaine Boutique Accommodation, we offer a selection of venues that set the perfect stage for your special occasion. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, our locations cater to all sizes and styles. Experience the historic charm of Castlemaine as you exchange vows in picturesque gardens or elegant indoor spaces.  

With multiple properties and venues to choose from, we can work with you from start to finish to make your dream wedding perfect in every way. Book your Castlemaine wedding venue today and create cherished memories in a magnificent setting.

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