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Looking for Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Castlemaine?

If you own a pet, you may want to bring them along on your trip or holiday, but have you found the perfect pet-friendly accommodation in Castlemaine? Most hotels and guest houses in this Australian historic town have varied policies regarding pets, so you want to research and confirm with the owner in advance. Booking a pet-friendly accommodation ensures you and your pet can enjoy flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind throughout your stay.

Best Castlemaine’s Pet-friendly Accommodation: Sunday House

As you plan your trip to Castlemaine, Victoria, you want to compare your accommodation options to ensure you pick the right home in the right location. Ideally, your chosen accommodation should provide a comfortable and inviting stay and offer convenient access to the town’s attractions and vibrant cultural scene.

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Sunday House is one of the accommodation homes in Maldon, which is just 15 min. away from the center of Castlemaine town, ticks all the boxes regarding quality services and convenience. This carefully renovated 1856 Welsh Baptist church turned luxury retreat offers a seamless blend of historic charm and modern comfort. Here’s what to expect from this dog-friendly accommodation in Castlemaine:


This home boasts impressive architectural features such as arched windows, wood-lined loft ceilings, and black strapped beams. The living area is a haven of fun, entertainment, and relaxation, thanks to the spacious lounge with a large fireplace, a Sonos speaker system, a pool table, a library nook, and a curated art collection.

Amenities for Pets

Sunday House welcomes well-behaved dogs and offers pet amenities for your furry companions. Secure fencing envelops the expansive yard, providing a safe haven for your pets to play, explore and bask in the outdoors. A shaded dining space welcomes you and your pet for delightful meals, while the pet-friendly pizza oven/fireplace adds a touch of coziness to the experience.


Sunday House is located in Maldon’s historic township, 140 kilometers northwest of Melbourne and 18 kilometers from Castlemaine. This luxury accommodation in the central Victorian Goldfields welcomes you to the rich heritage and captivating streetscapes. Explore the town’s quaint shops, vibrant culture, and embark on strolls to soak in the beautiful surroundings. Its prime location ensures that all of Maldon’s attractions are at your doorstep, making your stay both convenient and enriching.

Pet Policies

Sunday House embraces your canine companions with open arms, extending a warm welcome to “Good boys & girls” only. The secure yard and thoughtful pet-friendly amenities ensure your pets are catered to as esteemed guests. You can rest assured that your pets’ comfort and enjoyment are paramount, allowing you to create cherished memories together during your stay.

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Why Should You Travel with Your Pet?

The decision to travel alongside your furry companion comes with a multitude of benefits that not only enrich your travel experience but also deepen the bond you share. Here are five compelling reasons why traveling with your pet is not just a good idea but also an enriching experience:

Shared adventure fosters trust and companionship: exploring places and landscapes with your pet creates shared experiences, strengthening your connection as you conquer challenges and relish in the beauty of nature.

Pets are great stress relievers: during your stay or travel, the simple act of petting your dog, for instance, releases oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone, reducing stress for both of you.

Pets are excellent conversation starters: Imagine your cat perched on your hotel window sill, capturing the attention of fellow travelers. This instant connection paves the way for friendly exchanges, allowing you to connect with like-minded people and possibly even make friends during your holiday.

Pets are exploration motivators: while sightseeing, your dog’s enthusiasm to discover new scents and sights propels you to venture beyond the trekking trails. In the process, you’ll uncover hidden gems that might have gone unnoticed.

Your pet adds some adorable dimension to your travel photos. Whether it’s your cat peeking out of your car window or your dog enjoying a bite by the fireplace, these snapshots create cherished memories and become tokens of a holiday filled with adventure, laughter, and love.

Nearby Pet-friendly Attractions in Castlemaine

Whenever you take your pet on a trip or holiday, a rule of thumb is to seek out nearby pet-friendly attractions in advance. Think of scenic trails, parks, and cafes that will let you in with your pet with no strings attached. Luckily, most attraction sites around Castlemaine have pet-friendly policies. Campgrounds, parks, and botanical gardens around Castlemaine, for instance, require that you keep your dog on a lead and under control at all times. However, there are a couple of off-leash dog parks, such as Wesley Hill and Hilltop Parks.

If you plan on visiting restaurants and cafes with your dog, there are several dog-friendly options in and around Castlemaine. Some of the Castlemaine cafes you can choose from include the Bridge Hotel, Run Rabbit Run, Saffs Café, and Togs.

Discover Other Amazing Pet Allowed Accommodations in Castlemaine

Now that you know what to expect at Sunday House accommodation and the benefits of traveling with your pet, it’s time to gather your belongings, leash up your pet, and get ready to create a perfect blend of relaxation, bonding, and exploration.

Corvah House Castlemaine Luxury

During your stay at Sunday House, you’ll also enjoy local hospitality and immerse yourself in the town’s rich history and culture. Engage with friendly locals, explore regional cuisine, and uncover the stories that have shaped Castlemaine into the captivating destination it is today.

Looking for another property but not sure if you can bring your pet? Contact us! Our other homes accept pets in some cases but ask ahead to avoid disappointment as we accept on a case-by-case basis.

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